Important information

Can we agree this with you?

A well-informed patient and good cooperation between the orthodontist, the patient and the parents or guardian are paramount for successful orthodontic treatment. This information is therefore important if you are considering orthodontic treatment at Orthodontiepraktijk Diemen. Please read it carefully.

Successful orthodontic treatment is only possible with the full cooperation of the patient. A failure to do so may lead to an extension of the treatment and/or not being able to achieve the envisaged result.
Please follow the instructions given by the orthodontist and the orthodontic assistants. Wear the braces or other devices as prescribed.
Vacation or illness
Vacation and illness are not valid reasons for not taking care of the braces or devices or failing to do so properly. If you have any doubts, contact the orthodontics practice where you are being treated.
Oral hygiene
Thorough oral hygiene is essential throughout the treatment. Poor oral hygiene may lead to irreversible damage to the teeth (white spots). If we ascertain poor oral hygiene, the device will be have to be removed prematurely in order to prevent tooth and gum problems.
Semi-annual dental checkup
We recommend that you continue with semi-annual checkups at your dentist (cavities, plaque removal, etc.) during the course of treatment. Our assistants and orthodontists perform these checkups, but this is not part of their orthodontic tasks.
Participating in sports activities
You can definitely participate in sports while wearing braces. Contact sports, such as rugby, karate, judo, hockey and wrestling do require additional caution however. You may need to wear an additional protective device, such as a mouthguard. Many trainers and gym teachers would rather not run the risk. You can take out the removable braces during sports activities. Contact your sports club or your orthodontist for more information.
Tongue or lip piercings are a big no no. Getting and/or wearing a piercing may lead to breakage or wear and tare of the teeth.
Like all medical treatment, orthodontic treatment is not entirely free of risks. Treatment may lead to the rounding off or shortening of the top of the roots, decay of tooth nerves, discoloration and the occurrence of spots or cavities as a result of poor oral hygiene. This may impact the gums, which can cause these to recede. There is also a possibility that crowns may become loose.
Duration of treatment and consultation
The estimated duration of the treatment is usually the same as the actual duration. Because 60 to 70% of our patients are in school, most of the appointments will be scheduled for during school and office hours.
When making an appointment to commence the treatment, the patient and/or their parents/guardian state that they agree to the treatment plan, the estimated costs and all the foregoing agreements.
The cost estimate applies to the entire course of treatment. If the treatment lasts several calendar years, you should take annual adjustments to the rates into account.
It will be necessary to make a number of x-rays during the treatment.
Apart from the agreed x-rays, the orthodontist may decided to make additional x-rays, for example in the event of trauma, discoloration or in the event of inexplicable discomfort or pain.
Stopping treatment prematurely
The treatment may be delayed in the event of a failure to comply with one or more agreements or in the event of a patient’s lengthy absence. In that event, the orthodontist will strongly recommend that the treatment be terminated and that the braces be removed.
Avoid hard, tough and sticky foods. Eating such foods can damage your braces or device and delay the treatment. It could also lead to parts of the device becoming detached. Swallowing loose parts will not affect your health. Although the risk is minimal, if you swallow a long wire we recommend that you contact your GP or our practice.
Loss and breakage
If the breakage of the braces or device is the result of careless use, a fee will be charged. If the device is lost, we are obliged to charge for a replacement. The patient is responsible for payment of this charge.
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours beforehand. If you wish to cancel an appointment for Monday, do so no later than the Friday before the appointment. If you fail to cancel the appointment in time, with the exception of reasons beyond your control, the full costs of the appointment will be billed.